Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Something humorous. Since it's Ash Wednesday, many of us Catholics go around with ashes on our foreheads. In response, I have gotten "Did you fall on your forehead?"or "Did you run into something?" or "Did your forehead come in contact with a newspaper?" or the simple no response at all. No one was like "oh you went to Ash Wednesday Mass."

As it is the start of lent what are your Lenten sacrifices?

For me I will be abstaining from ice cream, and Facebook and Twitter. And I will be going to at least one daily mass a week, and then last but not least I will be working on the one thing that I have been confessing almost every time at confession (but this one is a secret, because I don't want the person to know that I am doing it, and that I want it to become a habit in a good way.)

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