Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"just remember, what's right for me might be not right for you..."

As much as I love the Rocket Summer, this lyric is totally off in the sense that it conveys moral relativism. Something that has worked itself into all aspects of our society that we live in. Especially in the taboo subjects of sex and babies. Reflecting on what I have read, wrote and listened to in the last week or three I am trying to formulate this all together. We do live in a society where we have to be tolerant of wrongs, yet not of truth and right because they are so hard to achieve. We live in a society where convenience takes precedence over what is right to do. Where youth are so propagandized by what society throws at them as standards and so they don't think that they themselves can stand up for truth, because it infringes on the rights of another. We live in a society where we think our decisions don't affect another, but they do. We Christians have totally fallen into so many relativist arguments, many don't see anything wrong with gay marriage, or with sex before marriage, or hormonal birth control (when on average it causes 4 early abortions a year if a woman is of normal fertility!), or pornography instead saying its healthy, or masturbation (check out the portrayal of Christians in the Secret Life of an american teenager), or that being open to children in marriage is negotiable, or in the hard cases abortion becomes an option, or divorce and remarriage is just fine even if you entered into a covenant. The list could go on. Most times, when I encounter those that are living out these moral relativisms its hard for me to approach them about it, because I myself have been indoctrinated with false tolerance, or just am fearful of what they will think of me. It hasn't been till recently that I started fighting back, but I have a long, long way to go. I want to change this mentality that we can't fight against the relativism. We need to because to do so is to follow Jesus strong and true instead of letting things go by the wayside. The youth leader at the parish that we volunteer with made an excellent comment about how we teach them about Jesus but that we shouldn't be afraid to discipline them. Thus we shouldn't be afraid to do so. I think at times we shy away because of what the media has made us Christians out to be. I mean what do you see on TV or read in the news but about the extremists and those that fall. So granted we want to be humble, but we need to fight these battles and discuss the hard things. Not just tax reform, sports or the latest video game. Our pastors are even afraid to get across these messages and when one of them does they get a lot of slack from those in leadership positions. We need not be afraid if we have faith to stand up for truth, because after all it is truth, truth established by Jesus with the first church and recorded in the Bible, and its still there brought down through the ages through the church and defended by the church. We just need to saddle up and stop being afraid. The people are starving for it even if they don't think they are, psychologically they have it embedded that they have to settle, or that that is the way it has to be because I can't expect more, or I don't have the self control to do so, or I can't sacrifice that, or that its normal to do so. Love doesn't mean being a pushover, it means having the best interest of the other person in hand, even if its not what they want to hear because they want convenience or for things not to change, or not have to feel pain or to practice self-control. So affirm those who stand up for truth especially in the hard times when no one else will so that we don't feel alone. Challenge the cultural norm of relativism, Jesus charges you to do so, every time you leave the mass.

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