Tuesday, January 6, 2009

good music

so I used to go thru and like name my favorite bands 1-10. Crazy music freak I was. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know a few recent album recommendations.

1. The soundtrack from the movie Once. It's Damien Rice-like, but maybe a little less dark. Excellent passionate melodic music. You feel like you are back in the movie.

2. Cool Hand Luke's new album "The Sleeping House" excellent solid CHL again. It even has some instrumental tracks on it which are like some of their really good long intros on the old songs.

3. Copeland had a new release in the fall as well. Its a bit more ethereal then the last which is like how can that possibly be but it is. I like it though I am not as passionate about it like the last album, I think it must have to grow a bit more on me.

4. Emery put out a CD probably more than a year ago called I'm Only a Man. It deals with a lot of issues that most people don't want to sing about, suicide being one of them. It has a great few tracks on it my favorite is What Makes a Man a Man.

Ok. that's all. So if you want some good music go have a listen, or at least add the artists to your Pandora radio station.

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