Saturday, January 24, 2009

the argument becomes lame

The sad fact that Christianity is so dumbed down in so many churches, and that there so great a cafeteria attitude in our attitudes about how a person can pick and choose how he wants to be a Christian annoys me, these people completely miss the point of Jesus being our Savior. This is one of the many reasons it becomes OK to kill an unborn child, or to vote for someone who in his first week in office already is making us with our taxes pay for abortions outside the US. I want to be so angry with the friend who told me she voted for Obama because she thought McCain wouldn't do anything for abortion. Though, I am even more angry for the Catholics who decided that voting for the pro-abortion candidate was OK as long as I get taken care in my lofty middle class positions. The candidates stressed taxes and economic reform this election, but really if you want economic stimulus, end abortion. If you want to be able to retire and have social security, end abortion. If you want the housing crash to end, end abortion. If you thinking killing is wrong end abortion. It's a civil rights issue, seriously. 1/3 of our current generation is missing due to abortion. 1/3 that could have found cures for the incurable, could have invented the non yey invented, could have been world record holders, or could have become prominent leaders in our country. Instead they are in heaven but missed out to get their brothers and sisters to heaven, to do God's will on Earth. To save those dying in the Congo or in the Sudan or to fight against human trafficking everywhere. All of them gone.

So the arguement becomes lame that a President doesn't have much power, he does. And unfourtunately this one is too charasmatic for those around to notice the damage he has already done and will do.

“President Obama will be remembered forever not just as a smart, savvy, gifted and eloquent leader — but as the Abortion President,” Representative Christopher H. Smith

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