Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I am contemplating getting rid of my facebook account. As much as it sometimes can be a tool in keeping in contact with those around me. Other times, I think it becomes impersonal and almost stalker like. And if its not this, it can become something that is wasteful in time. I wonder if I got rid of this, how I would get along. Would I just call more people. I would hope so. Sometimes I like to have facebook to keep up with friends, but is it really keeping up with them in a way that they actually know that I care about them, or is simply being informed of their lives without their knowledge, which can sometimes be so removed from a real relationship that it becomes stalker like. So why should I keep this account? I guess I should do a Rory Gilmore Pros and Cons List. So I will
1.) I get to see what Friends far away are up to in pictures.
2.) There are fun quizzes to take.
3.) There is an email account included on the facebook account which is nice.
4.) I can remember people's birthday that I would not otherwise remember.
5.) I feel more connected with those in my past.

1.) I don't often communicate with my friends thru this form of communication and therefore actually feel less involved in their lives.
2.) It is a waste of time and can almost be a hindrance in productivity.
3.) When communicating thru facebook, it doesn't give a real sense of communication most times, especially thru the wall.
4.) I call people less, and sometimes get upset that those around me that use it call me less.
5.) It doesn't allow the personable communication that would be nice to have sometimes.
6.) Am I really friends with all those people?
7.) I like blogging better, its more anonymous.
8.) It detracts from the real sense of caring about those around me

yeah, I think I am gonna have to do something about this. I want to be authentic, and sometimes I think facebook in its entirety allows me not to be so. So if anyone actually reads this, I think I will be giving my two weeks notice to Facebook shortly and requesting real mail, at least accessing it for the wall and such. Because facebook is not helping in the long run.


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