Sunday, April 27, 2008

how did I change really?

From college till now.

1.) I don't hate men.
2.) I understand more of who I am and what God intends of me.
3.) I speak up more about what I believe in.
4.) I actually go out and help people.
5.) I actually like church.
6.) I finally feel at home at church instead of being at a rock show or wierded out.
7.) I actually am in check with my pattern sins and trying to do something about them.
8.) I like a sense of stability and understand what it is be part of something bigger than me.
9.) I am more outspoken.
10.)I have looked into issues and have decided where I stand on them.
11.)I like trains. :)
12.)I enjoy watching baseball more than before, though I did go to games before in college.

what didnt change

1.) I still like soccer.
2.) I still like tennis
3.) I still want to help others.
4.) I still don't smoke.
5.) I still don't swear.
6.) I still don't drink excessively.
7.) I still want to be a missionary.
8.) I still am fascinated with other cultures.
9.) I still like traveling
10.)I still am conservative in the way I dress.
11.)I still read my bible daily.
12.)I still read books a lot.
13.)I still like to go outside for a good run when frustrated.
14.)I still like practical gifts.
15.)I still love emo music, and other various genres.
16.)I still like kermit the frog.
17.)I still like getting A's on things.
18.)I still like languages.
19.)I still like to watch video games and not play them so much.
20.)I still like art a lot.
21.)I still like architecture a lot and am quite fascinated with buildings.
22.)I still love saving the environment and recycling every chance I get.
23.)I still love silly B romantic comedies that make me smile and escape from reality.
24.)I still dress in my nerd punk surfer style.
25.)I still like being outside for good walks in the park.
26.)I still believe in Jesus as my savior.
27.)I still believe in a trinitarian God.
28.)I still go to church every Sunday not out of guilt or routine.
29.)I still enjoy acting like a kid to enjoy the little things in life.
30.)I still can be obsessive about blogging and being online.

I could go on for a while, but I am gonna stop. I think I am still me by and large, maybe just a little more defined me who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes.

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