Sunday, April 5, 2020

In hopes of being truthful -A story of Keith

In hopes of being truthful to my hopes of being a published children's book author, I decided that I will put out stories that I write on here. These will not be ones that I am not trying to get published at the moment, but have been helpful along the way. And I will help with context, as there are no pictures, by telling you a little about them prior to the post.

This first one is "The Story of Keith Kurak", which happens to be my husband. I was playing around with picture book biographies a bit because I absolutely love them and they have absolutely captivated me many times. Anyone read Mo Willems "Because"? This is the type of book I am talking about here. Or has anyone read "Star Stuff" by Stephanie Roth Sisson, a biography about Carl Sagan. If you haven't read either of these, you probably should. And this is the light that I wrote this next bit.

The Story of Keith Kurak

by Kiera Kurak

There was a little boy named Keith.

Keith liked to play with cars and blocks. In it he could pretend he was in his own world. 

As Keith grew he would enter in his own world in other ways.

With his friends, he built forts in the common woods behind his house.

He would often find himself lost inside video game. 

He loved everything about the worlds that he would enter into in these places.

It always let his imagination soar.

Someday he knew he’d like to create something on a computer for someone.

As Keith got older he studied computer science.

He programmed computers for an industrial company for a while, but it wasn’t what he really enjoyed.

One day a friend asked him if he would like to make a mobile application with his company.

He said yes.

Now Keith makes a mobile apps to help people, and still enjoys a good round in the imaginary world of computer games.

Especially when he gets to play games with his kids, and help their imaginations soar too.

The End

Perhaps I will upgrade this someday with little drawing photos, but here it is for now, keeping me honest.

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