Saturday, November 2, 2013

7 quick Takes

Linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary for a lazy Saturday edition

1. Halloween came and went, we had a lot of rain and so we really didn't get any good pictures, and our costumes fell slightly apart by the end of it.  Lets just say that Elmer's glue is no longer sticky when it comes in contact with water. However, we did get to hang out with friends but unlike our normal adventures in our neighborhood, the wind and rain deterred a lot of houses from setting up so we didn't get to trick-or-treat to so many houses as we would as well. 

2. We made it through a 7pm mass last night with the kiddos.  They were a mess because it was late for them to be doing something that requires some discipline of themselves to sit stillish. Ben was just kind of limp when told to do anything and smuggled in a rubber band that he decided to make as a crane hook with all the mass books.  Ephraim tried to escape many times, and at one time managed to drop the kneeler in the pew behind us on himself.  I think we had to walk to the back at least 5 times with him and still dealt with a screaming E in the communion line.

3. I signed up the boys for a parent and child art class.  We enjoyed it yesterday a lot.  They introduced them to art appreciation and how to act in a museum and even had them distinguish composition to see if a bicycle could go in this or that painting.  To end it all, they got to paint with cars and trucks and tractors.  The boys loved it, and I was happy that it wasn't above Ephraim's capabilities as he is officially supposed to be 2.5 and he is just 2 now. They didn't let us take home our wet paintings, but we get them next week, and hopefully I will remember to take a picture or two of them.

4. When it came to Catholic book club this week, well, I didn't even try to put the boys in the childcare side.  They both hate it.  I don't know why completely, I can just rationalize that its an attachment thing and they aren't usually put into situations where they don't know the babysitters or the environment well so when they are, they revolt. It honestly makes perfect sense, but it sure is a struggle to fight the want to have them be like the other kids that seem to have no problem being separated from their mamas.

5. Lately when Ephraim ends a book that he is "reading" himself, she says "Amen" instead of the End.  It cracks me up every time.

6. I'm not sure if I ever said this, but Ephraim is no longer in our bed at night.  Sometimes he wanders over at 2 or 3 in the morning, but more days than not he will stay in his own bed in his shared room with his brother and its wonderful.  I feel like for us and him this was definitely the right time for him to be transitioned, any earlier and it would have been painful for me and him and we would have just been miserable. 

7. We started implementing more so the less snacks or no snacks a few hours before a meal time to try to get Ben and actually now Ephraim to eat more at meals.  It seems to be working, and the picky eater actually has to try to be less picky so he will eat.  We also are telling them that they don't get dessert until they have finished their plate, at least to the proportions that a toddler, pre-schooler should eat. It doesn't mean that I am awesome at doing this 100%, because I myself am a snacker.  But it is having me try to choose more healthy snack options since then I know if the kids do get a snack it is something that has nourishing components. 

Well, sorry there wasn't any pictures, but there you go. Have a great weekend!

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