Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, the whole family edition

Happy Pentecost! It's been a few weeks since the whole family has been able to be in mass together, so I figured why not post what each of us wore.  We've been trying some different techniques in children wrangling during mass, and I think out of everything the Catholic cards books from seem to be the most useful in helping the kids get through and even understand a little about mass too. I would give both the boys a B- in behavior today which is so much better from a month ago.  So Happy Pentecost, did you wear any red today?  I don't have much red for hot weather so I did not, but as you will see I did pull out the pink and was able to have one of the boys wear red. So here are the outfits:

Ephraim: (who has a fascination with buckles and thus stole the bike helmets and buckled them together as you can see here)
Shirt: Thrifted, I think Faded Glory is the brand
Pants: Hand me down from his brother
Shoes: Keens, thrifted from my friend's shop Pete and Polly

Kiera aka Me: (who is embracing the frizzy hair due to humidity)
Necklace: My aunt who makes jewelry made this necklace for my wedding & I still wear it.
Dress: Ann Taylor, from a clothing swap
Shoes: Teva from Sierra Trading Post

Husband aka Keith: 
Shirt: Thrifted from a consignment sale in Nashville
Pants: Levi's acquired from his brother
Shoes: Really old, probably from Macy's

Benjamin: (the digger)
Hat: while not part of in mass attire it was worn to and from, hand me down from me.
Shirt: Thrifted, orginally from Gap
Pants: Wal-mart
Shoes: Thomas, gift from his godfather
Loader: Jack from Thomas and Friends

So there you have it.  What we all wore Sunday for Pentecost.  I hope you are all having or had an excellent Sunday.  It's hot here, so we are a bit cranky since B decided he didn't need a nap on day of all days, but we are powering through. 

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