Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I wore Sunday, the cranky baby edition plus Cara box reveal!

So, this week is just going to be a busy one.  Thus I don't see myself blogging much during it and thus have decided to do an all in one post to sum up some things. We have a wedding that both Ben and my husband are in on Saturday, Keith has his double days of class this week, and then there is the bachelor party for Keith and the rehearsal stuff for the wedding and all.  And I still have to get Ben some shoes since apparently his feet just grew a size in the last month!

So here goes: 

It was a rough morning at mass.  The cousins and my sister who came to visit left this morning, and I think my two boys were having a case of the sad that our built in playmates were leaving.  It was great to have them, and it was fun to see especially how much my four year old niece loved Ephraim.  Ephraim as you will see later was definitely sad to see her go.

So here is the outfit, it was about 20 degrees cooler and since our church doesn't have AC being a super old but gorgeous building, it was nice to have the temperature drop for a least a few days.

Undershirt: Loft by Ann Taylor
Sweater: Derek Heart, from a clothing swap
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Sanita
Necklace: souvenir from one of the times my parents went to HI.

And here is cranky baby, just to prove I wasn't lying.

And now for the Cara box: 

So this month, the Cara box theme was "Regional".  And honestly as hard as I thought it was going to be, it turned out to be super fun to make and I think the box I sent to Jessica over at A Different Kind of Plan turned out okay too. Jessica was super sweet, and really fun to get to know this month.  I love that she is okay with just taking life as it is even though she may have thought her life would have been going down a completely different road at this point. 

As for the box I recieved, I loved it!  I think Mandy over at Through the Hanson Lens really has a knack for putting together a Cara box. She is from Iowa, and has lived in a few towns around the area including Spillville and Ames. She probably doesn't know it, but Mandy is already one of my favorite people because she was able to find the love of her life while still in college, and is still hacking away at school married.  I love when people defy stereotypes such as this one, but anyway, on to the box!

Here it is! A note, a tray, a magnet, fresh baked goodies, donut seeds, and a postcard magnet!

The Viking magnet was in reference to her history in the part of Iowa she is from, Viking and Norwegians have a very big play there. Uffda is apparently a common phrase said around there. 

Donut seeds.  While just cheerio look a likes really, the packaging of it is hilarious, I wish I had taken a better picture of it.  Anyway, she thought of my two boys with this and they are definitely cereal fans.

A post card magnet of IA to remember her by.

Goldfinch platter, the state bird, so very Iowa, and very pretty!

And home baked goodies. These were delicious, and I am definitely a food person in someways and these just hit the spot. 

Like all Cara boxes, there was a sweet note from the sender.  I love these notes, and Mandy wrote such sweet words in it too.  Thanks again!  

Check out more about Cara boxes at Wifefessionals and more Sunday outfits and Fine Linen and Purple

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