Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Verdict Is In

The craziness is over.  The verdict is in.  I have passed my Ph.D. defense. It feels good to be done.  I can finally enjoy playing with my son without something big lurking over my head.  And now on to other things.  Probably looking for a job as a part-time tutor.  Just enough to keep my hands in it all. But that will happen in the new year.  Because as of now, I have aquired a lovely cold, that both Ben and I have.  So, for now we are focusing on recovering and getting prepared for the Christmas season.

For an unrelated topic, I have been thinking about sleep issues a lot.  I think sometimes, and now by my reading, that my expectations are not reality.  One my baby is not formula fed, so he isn't going to sleep 8 or more hours straight till he's older.  Two I have to own up to those around me that I truly am a co-sleeper, and that its okay that my baby sleeps in our bed a lot of the time.  While I may think things are greener on the other side sometimes, I have to know that going with my gut here is what is best for our little family. Also, as many others see this subject differently, I am not saying that everyone or even anyone has to do it my way.  Simply, that this is the choice that I have made, and I am no longer going to feel guilty about it, despite criticism about it.

And as for advent, though I don't think I have gone all out in preparation for the Christmas season.  I have done little things like say the St. Andrew prayer throughout the day, light a new advent candle each Sunday, and follow the Busted Halo advent calendar. But for now these are helping us prepare for Jesus' birth. What are some of your traditions or things of new that you are doing for advent this year?

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