Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Takes first of the week addition

1. We have a crawler, and it is so much fun.  Probably 'cause he's not super fast right now, but go Ben.

2. Defense day and time set for December 13th at 11am.  Prayers for perseverance, clarity of thought, wisdom, knowledge and to be well spoken are much, much, much appreciated. Oddly still have to remember what my darn title is.

3. We have half of a tooth out, waiting for 2.5 more to pop out as they are so close.

4. Prayers also for good interactions with my advisor would be of the utmost importance, because if you know me then you know its been a bumpy ride.

5. I am super excited that Arwen is having twins.  Send some prayers her way if you can as well.

6.  One more thing, we are getting a new fridge come Friday.  Considering it half died on us back in August and parts of it have never been working since we moved in last November this has been a long time coming. w00t all the way.

7.  I am awaiting news on little Jack Campbell being born, I hope he comes before the doctor's decide his mama has to be induced.

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