Sunday, October 17, 2010

a day for a date

Since having Ben, actual dates with my husband have been limited.  But that is okay and I understand that this season in life is like this.  Little ones take a lot of your time, and that is okay cause its done in love.  We are trying to get them to heaven in the long run and if we aren't present there with them a lot of times teaching them, how will they learn?

Anyway, the point is that yesterday my husband and I did actually get to go on a date, and it was really nice.   In some ways, it felt like we were newly dating back as young 21 and 22 year olds.  It was almost surreal in that aspect yesterday.  It was like here we are as a couple, without others, just us.  And this wasn't our first post-Ben date, but for some reason it felt different than the other ones.  Maybe I finally was less worried about the little one, because we have a well established routine, or maybe it was just that it was really well need to have us time.  Whatever it was, there was a good vibe going on all around.

So on this date, first my husband got me flowers from one of our local florists.  A handpicked bouquet nonetheless, I was impressed.  I should take a pic of it and post it here.  In fact, I think I will.

So being given flowers and him actually putting them in a vase, we headed out to lunch at a restaurant more downtown from where we live in the city called Bricco.  The food was excellent, and the atomosphere just right.  We discussed personas on social media for a while and just had fun.

Afterward, we ventured on a walk to Cafe-Ah-Roma, and got coffee, one of our favorite things to do, at one of our favorite places.  Then we strolled around Cleveland State University, because that was where we were at.  Oddly, they have done a lot to the place and it was a pretty nice looking campus with a lot of nice new architecture and hidden walkways that make you feel like you aren't so consumed in city.

The one silly mishap on our date was that Keith backed into another car in the parking lot and left a nice dent in the driver side door.  A big whoops.  We left a note and are still looking to hear from the guy that  was hit. Hopefully nothing bad comes from it.

And that was it, simple and nice minus the mishap.  So I ask you the reader, have you had any nice dates with your husband or signficant other lately?

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  1. No dates in quite a while, though I would love one. I did get to go out with some moms last night, which was really nice, but not quite like reconnecting with my husband.