Tuesday, February 16, 2010


First as I informed my husband that today is Donut day in my train of thought, due to the German roots and always making fausnaughts when growing up. He headed down to a local donut shop at 7am to get a dozen donuts. One super sweet husband is all I can say.

Though Fat Tuesday is super fun for indulgences, this year thinking about Lent has been a little more difficult. Basically because I have never had to deal with being pregnant during lent before. So cutting out something from my daily food intake doesn't really cut it. Though I have decided that I can do without soda, its just not that good for me anyway, and I can save a lot of dentist money by not drinking it.

In the last few years of being Catholic however, I have come to want to do something more than just diet from some treat, but to do something for God. So I think the two things that make sense this year are to pray the 40 Days for Life Campaign, and to do a Lent Prayer a Day. I would love to go to daily mass, and maybe I can still do this once a week, but I know when the baby comes its gonna be a big adjustment and I am not sure how quickly I will get out of the house to do so. So to me this isnt much, for some reason, at least last year I went all out, but this year maybe its just the little things that will be enough. Maybe I just need to treat them with a certain reverence as I will be convening with my maker in these prayers.

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