Wednesday, February 3, 2010

thoughts running round my head

as this pregnancy gets to the last stages, it seems everything is heightened. The sinuses, the moods, the emotions, the heaviness, the wanting to meet my little one. To top it off, my hips have been hurting a lot more as they widen since I have never had that body shape that is hippy or as my sister would say "good for childbearing" But oh well, despite all the inconveniences, I think its totally worth it. With my emotions high, the people that upset me normally can so easily set me off, and then I end up crying in a terrible mess. But then for some reason I come home to this wonderful husband that just somehow makes it all better with hugs and kisses and reminds me that its all ok and really that some people are are difficult to deal with even if one isn't pregnant.

But really as these last few weeks have been a little rough on me I came to the conclusion today that I need to stop being negative and dwelling on the bad the hurts and pains and difficult people, but be positive. And in the difficulties to unite them to Jesus, or in this case because most things deal with pregnancy, I tend to lean more towards identifying with Mary on this one. Which even though I have my ex-protestant hesitations with Marian things, there are always little things that arise that make me identify with her. This being one of them. So when I do have something come up that is a hurt or something that makes me want to cry or run away, I have to think about Mary traveling to Bethlehem totally uncomfortable, but toughing it out. Another thing is that the end result a beautiful newborn baby, and that is pretty darn awesome.

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