Friday, December 4, 2009

7 quick takes

1. I have decided that the reason my husband takes so long to get over a cold is that he doesn't seem to sleep. Last night he programmed till 4am and then went to work this morning at 8:40am. It may be just me, but I don't think that 4 hours of sleep is a sufficient amount to regain health from.

2. I am really wanting it to snow. I love, love, love snow. And since it is finally cold (The highest temp of the next 10 days is 40F.), it is now time to bring on the snow. It makes the cold worth it.

3. Speaking of cold. I am so much more comfortable outside in the cold this year than last, one odd benefit of being pregnant I guess.

4. I am ready for my house to at least have another level to live in. Right now, all we have is the basemen, the kitchen and the 1.5 bathrooms. It is at least much closer than earlier in November.

5. I am now at 27 weeks. It seems that in 13 weeks a lot of stuff has to get done, and I actually hope that most of it gets done in the next month, just so that I can relax a bit more. That and I am a bit tired of people telling me I look like I am ready to deliver any minute. I have decided that since I am a non-hippy girl that the baby has to grow somewhere and thus it grows out. Here is a pic, you can decide what you think.

6. We have a television now, its kinda strange to have one. I declared yesterday that we would never have cable TV, and my husband agreed to this. Instead we will just have our 10$ a month Netflix which allows us to screen content of what is put on the TV and also to not watch crappy commercials. We do have an adapter for the local TV, but usually that is only watched for about 2 hours a week.

7. I have a washer! This is part of my Christmas present from my husband. He needs yet to balance it since it is a side loader that we got for a sweet deal at Best Buy, but I am excited that there is one in my home again. I am running out of clothes at the moment since I have a limited amount of maternity clothes that I seem to just be recycling these days at least twice before washing. Sorry if that grosses anyone out.

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  1. You're tiny! What a cute baby belly, but I swear I look like that at 6 weeks pregnant. Sigh.