Monday, December 14, 2009

a few adventish reflections and other random tidbits

For some reason having bullet points makes my posts seem better to me, and numbers seem to work the best cause of the order to them. So I will use my numbered bullet points to try to extract some thoughts out of my head.

1. I am kinda missing my super curly hair. The hormones from pregnancy have half-straightened my hair to have waves in it but no longer any ringlets which I was becoming very fond of that finally in my adult life. Some women have told me that the curl will return while others have said that for them it stayed straighter after pregnancy. I guess I would like the curls to return, but if God means me to have wavy hair instead, then I will have to go with it. Overall, its not a huge complaint, just an adjustment to get used to that I am still in transition about.

2. One of my favorite blogger's Arwen Mosher wrote a piece on Faith and Family Live about feeling disorganized this advent due to moving her parents from their old house to a new one because the state was acquiring their property for some community project or something like that. There is definitely the parallel that they are doing actual preparations in a home, totally redoing it from head to toe, and for me this is similar. My last 1.5 months have been spent dewallpapering, painting, and now onto getting new flooring/refinishing wood flooring. It seems a bit daunting at times, but at the same time Mary and Joseph were probably like woah we have to do this and this for the King, and we also have to raise the Son of God. And their preparations didn't probably leave them in a nice perfect comfy place, but they had to be ready to go, cause Jesus would have been killed if they had stayed. So they had this discomfort, and at times right now being 6+ months pregnant and fixing up a house leaves one a bit uncomfortable.

3. And besides making actual house preparations instead of just decorating and getting a tree and writing cards etc., I am on the other end of giving and receiving link. Usually I have the capability to do a million things for others and to really give of myself. But right now, I am limited in what I can do, and even though I do much more than probably the average 1st time pregnant woman, I actually need a lot of help. Tiredness comes quickly, frustration even quicker. And if days are anything like they were yesterday, where I totally wanted to cry over breaking a paint tray in half and feeling exhausted after just doing two walls in a room, I realize that I am thankful for those around me who have been helpful. Even the smallest gestures are appreciated, and the big ones so much so. It's really a lesson in humility for me because I am not the one to ask for help unless I need it, and so many times these days I have had to ask for help. And sometimes I get to identify with the folks who ask for help and get none because there is too much business in their lives or are sick etc. It makes me empathize a bit with God who asks us to do simple tasks but we say no with every excuse in the book. I don't mean to chastise other folks for having lives or circumstances that prevent them from lending a hand, but to myself to think twice about saying no to someone who really could use that helping hand.

4. And lastly, my favorite non-Christ-mas, non-advent song is definitely Aberlin's version of Christmas, Baby Please Come Home. I just think Stephen Christian has the perfect voice for this song, and it always gets me bopping to the tune every time I hear it. My old classic favorite is John Lennon's Happy Christmas, but I would say this is a little more Christ-mas like so it doesn't fully qualify.

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