Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this song makes me laugh

its true though, makes the humanity seem more real. And since that is my weeks reflection, I think that this helps with that. And if you don't know the band Popple, well then you are missing out.

Just Like Us by Popple

One day God got a plan
He’d come to Earth as a man
So he packed up his bags and came down, in the form of Jesus
Now Jesus wasn’t like me
Cause He was fully God you see
And He was perfection, and that certainly don’t describe me

But in a different way
He was human and from day to day
He had struggles, and temptations just like we all do
And so, He is our example
We take parts of His life to sample
Cause in His greatness, he was still a human just like you and me

He warmed the cold hearted
Largest seas he parted
Don’t forget, he’s just like us
Ya, even Jesus farted

So next time you start
To think you don’t have the heart
Just remember, Jesus had the same one that you have

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