Saturday, March 28, 2009

As I am reading a few years of a past blog posts came upon this

just wanted to do something for my blog. have had thoughts, but I don't want to world to know them. Though please pray for Keith and I we are going through a difficult time, and have been since December.

Ten years ago: I was 15. I was a sports aholic. I played on 5 soccer teams and ran cross country. I ended up at states that year, the first girl to go to states since the seventies from my school. Suprisingly after that at least 3 girls made it to states once I left HS. We finally had a girls soccer team at high school, so I didn't have to play with the boys anymore. I was secretly in love with one of my classmates, and even went to homecoming with him against my parents will for me not to date in high school.

Five years ago: I was a junior in college in TN. I went to Nicaragua that year, which was the first time I had been outside the US without my family. Though Jro was with me, and she is practically family in my book. Jro got engaged that winter, and I had an awesome time helping her plan her wedding. I was also taking two classes of quantum chemistry and playing club soccer, and being completely fascinated with the all Brazilian tennis team.

One year ago: I was in my 3rd year of grad school. I was teaching freshman lab still, and discerning whether or not youth ministry was something that I was going to go into. This was also my one year anniversary of becoming Catholic, which was an awesome reflection time. Keith and I were married, and we were enjoying married life and playing soccer together.

Yesterday: I was at school working on my second journal article, completely exhausted. I went to daily mass and to a Fish Fry that night before being a couch potato and hanging out with my husband peacefully because I wasn't feeling all that well.

Five snacks I enjoy: Dark Chocolate anything, 5 minute chocolate cake. ice cream, carrot zucchini bars, and chocolate milk.

Five songs I know all the words to: "Paula Sparks" by Copeland, probably any delirious song, my favorites being from the Mezzamorphis album. "I'm doing everything' by The Rocket Summer, "What is Love' by Cool Hand Luke, and "Knocked Out" by Bleach

Five things I would do with $100 million: Pack up move to another country that needed help and minister there and use the extra money to give them clean water, Go to Maurtius to live there and become a citizen (teach and volunteer there), adopt children that need homes. help those struggling with keeping a roof over their homes, give to existing charities that are doing something critical but don't have the money to keep going.

Five places I would escape to: Northern Ireland, Mauritius, Honduras, Uganda, Alaska in the summer

Five bad habits: wanting to be right all the time, not listening and wanting to solve the problem my way, laziness at times when I should be productive, being critical of others

Five things I like doing: being outside, walking/running, reading, playing sports for fun, cooking

Five things I'd never wear: anything that shows cleavage, stilettos, sequins, strapless gowns unless I am required to do so. a bikini without wearing surfer shorts.

Five TV shows I like: One tree hill, gilmore girls, the office, heroes, ugly betty

Five biggest joys of the moment: my new niece, that keith and I get to be Dani's godparents, that I have an awesome husband, that I know God has me in his hands, that is getting warmer outside.

Five favorite toys: my ipod, my coffee cup, roomba, my laptop, whatever book I am reading.

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