Wednesday, May 21, 2008

educated =liberal ? I don't think so

Click on the title to read the article referenced in this post.

The author of this article seems to think that in order to be educated, one be a liberal. I beg to differ. If one was truly educated on truth, then they wouldn't be liberal at all. They would understand true tolerance, as described in a previous post.

Also even if you are uneducated, that doesn't mean you are a racist, as the author seems to imply as well. Yeah, so why are the bible belters voting for the democrats anyway? Oh right, I forgot that whole abortion issue isn't a big deal to them anymore. Hmm, the dignity of each human from conceptionforgotten (at least everywhere else but Colorado, go them for proposing a well supported ammendment!). Well, I will continue to pray.

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