Friday, March 7, 2008

some thoughts...

Just so I get this off my mind. I have been beating myself up that I didn't answer the question correctly about the difference in being pro-choice and killing children. When you are pro-choice, it means that somewhere in your head you have disconnected the idea of when life begins from the scientific fact that it begins at conception. You have disconnected the fact that even though you may not understand what it going on in a woman's body during this time, she is forming a fully developed life. You are advocating that to suck out the brains of an almost full term baby and have it born as a stillborn is ok, because someone this prevents it from being a true life. You don't think about how a woman will be so depressed after this procedure, that she herself will take her own life many times. So think about it. What are you advocating in this measure. Think about all the wonderful people who want to have a child and can't. They want it so badly but it never happens for them. And then think of all the innocent who have been destroyed because of this viewpoint. There is a life there. A human, in its early stages of development, a stage you once were. I mean thats the part that baffles me. We once were these tiny humans, and we made it through. Why don't we want this for everyone. Think about all of your friends and if their moms had decided to abort them. Where would you be? What if your mother had an abortion and you are missing a sibling? Think of the dynamic lost. Its so strange to think about, and I leave you at that. To kill an innocent child is the same as having pro-choice views, even if you yourself could never do it.

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