Saturday, March 8, 2008

Becoming a Mom

Just to set the record straight, at this moment I am not pregnant. A lot of people around me are, but I am not. Today I watched a documentary called "The Business of Being Born" by Ricki Lake. It was really good. It was about how 80% of births have no need to take place in a hospital setting where doctors are around. A midwife is more than capable of handling most births and from watching this film, I think they should. C-sections have become the way most women deliver babies now, and if not then they are heavily sedated that they cannot feel what their bodies are doing, or they are induced for doctor's convenience so they can get leave their shifts on time. Most OBGYNs have not seen natural birth, the way God set us up to have a child actually happen. That simply amazed me. Epidurals are almost standard, which to me is crazy. I want to feel my body actually giving birth. The other thing that amazed me is that the position that we see textbook births in is not the best position to have birth. Squatting is actually the best position, instead of being on your back. It helps the process to be so much better. It was amazing watching these births in this way, the woman seemed so much more comfortable, so much more relaxed and without drugs. Why do we woman think we have to be on drugs for all things concerning our fertility? I really don't get it. God really built us able to be in control of it ourselves without having drugs at all. One of the most amazing parts was seeing the part of the husband or the family members and the doula (which I will explain later). They all were doing things to help comfort the future mom, but also letting her being charge of her own body. And if you have a midwife and you develop complications during pregnancy they will help you to get to a doctor that can do something about it. They are trained to know what it to do. They know how to turn around breached babies, which is key. Basically I think as long as I have no complications in my pregnancies I am definitely going this way. It is so much cheaper too, and you have human interaction instead of cold doctors who aren't excited about the miracle happening. Granted not all doctors are programmed but I still think a woman seems to have a much better experience with a midwife than a normally trained OBGYN.

And now to how this relates to my pro-life self. I think that because having the ability to give birth naturally is a gift from God, it is essentially pro-life. By doing this, infants have a higher chance of survival, the mother has less chance of infections, or having later complications with future pregnancies. These are all measures of how being open to life in the way God designed it to be makes it pro-life. We aren't altering what already works. Supposedly with the way birth in hospitals is done with inducing of labor and epidurals we are creating more chances for the baby to be killed in vaginal childbirth, which is then why babies are delivered thru C-sections. Its kinda crazy. I think it has to do with the fact that we don't want to be inconvenienced in some sense, and in others, its all we know and so we think its the only way that it can be done as told by doctors. It's also amazing that due to being on massive amounts of drugs during childbirth, woman no longer feel that true connection their child, they find it hard to breast feed because of this. It doesn't come naturally. Why do we want to mess with these things that our bodies are designed to do. I wonder some day if some woman won't be able to give birth naturally anymore because of evolving in that manner. If this is the case it will be an even sadder world than it is today with many more lost people looking for love in all the wrong places.

To leave on a note of connections, which are always interesting with me. it has been proposed that having these drugs put into woman during childbirth may be a cause of the high amounts of attention deficit disorders, and problems of that matter. Researchers have not looked into this enough to know if this is true, but most birth drugs given do not see immediate side effects but only after several years of having them being used.

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