Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I wonder

So I've got two medical appointments this week and one has already happened.  Both have the potential to result in surgeries. 
One is already leaning that way as I meet with a vascular surgeon in a week and a half.  I have some incompetent veins that are troublesome. Six pregnancies, and four live births have taken a toll on my body.  Sometimes I find it ironic that tallness can work against health.  But along with that,  many pregnancies and family history I'm left at an impass. I could just not fix them.  And just live with the discomfort and increase for blood clots.  Or I could fix them and at thevery least physically feel better and have my vascular system working better.  The question becomes then being open to life,  as a Catholic,  should I attempt another pregnancy some day.  Is having another baby worth the risk of opening myself to at the very least more surgery and the worst fatal blood clots.  I'm currently unsure. 
The other appointment is to correct a deviated septum as I've already had turbine surgery to widen my nasal passages.  Basically I never can breathe at night and would really like a permanent solution to this problem.  Currently I still struggle with getting good sleep due to mouth breathing. I realize through this that humans are pretty resilient though as I've dealt with this for my entire adult life and have adjusted as so.  I also have poor dental health because of mouth breathing,  despite being a good tooth brusher and flosser. And I know neither are life or death in the moment but they are still issues to contend with and would make my quality of life better if successfully treated. 
So if you have a prayer to send up for me,  I'd much appreciate it.  For now I'll do my best to unite these small sufferings to Jesus.

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