Thursday, June 14, 2018

Three Favorite Free Parks for kids in the Greater Cleveland Area

I am sure this list exists in a different way, but after visiting a lot of parks in the last 8 years, I am adding my two cents about my favorite parks in the greater Cleveland area. So here goes:

1. Lakewood Park: This place, located in Lakewood, OH is everything you need in a park.  A shaded giant playground. Pavilions and picnic tables for eating. Trails for walking. A pool, with a fee, for swimming. Trees for climbing. A beautiful lake view. A baseball diamond, a volleyball court, and a stage for outdoor community events. It's even got concessions during the summer if you forget to bring food with you. It's gorgeous and I love every minute I spend here.  The one tiny downfall is that they lack a changing table inside the restrooms, not sure how this was skipped or if I've just never found it.

Bonus beautiful views of downtown Cleveland.

2. Tony Brush Park - This park is located in the heart of Little Italy in Cleveland, there is always people there and its got some of the best slides around.  I am almost terrified of the height of them, but they are thrilling for the kids.  It has a great view of nearby train tracks for those who love a good cargo or commuter train. My favorite time to visit this park is during the Feast of the Assumption because it gives my kids a chance to blow off some steam for free instead of paying for them to be entertained on fair-type rides.

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3. Penitentiary Glen - While this park is probably the furthest from the center of Cleveland, located in Kirkland, OH it was well worth a visit for my crew.  There are trails for those that that love trails and a nature center for the cold and/or rainy days, but the children's exploration garden is top notch and the staff running it are wonderful. The exploration garden is extensive and ranges from sand and water play, to catch and releasing tadpoles, a wooden playhouse, a field for running, tunnels and more. One bonus is that the rules of the garden are clearly posted and to me that helps my crew know what is expected of them.  Another great thing about this place is that during the month of December they host a life sized Candyland, which is great for the kindergarten and pre-school crowd.

I hope to highlight three more great parks next time I write. Until then, take care!

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