Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Bits and Questions from my mind

1. I decided that my favorite place to print pics is CVS.  I have tried most of the drug stores and some grocery stores, and now even Target. And ultimately CVS has the quickest turn around with the best quality prints.  And maybe its just my local CVS that is good with photos, but I think I will stick with them.

2. I am going to attempt making my own laundry detergent, via the Duggar recipe.  Anyone try this out and have success?  I am hoping to be successful and save lots of money by doing so.

3. I am trying to figure out a local volunteer gig, and thinking about pregnancy centers as something to do.  But not sure what I would do there.  Trying to muster the courage to call an inquire.  I have a phone phobia with strangers that has existed since forever.

4. Ben is again throwing my sleep for a loop, but not really at night, he's usually up just once at night these days but has decided that destroying the house is more important than nap taking.

5. I have been enjoying play-dates, though have decided against the library playgroup at least for now.  Too much unsolicited advice and too many different parenting styles that seem to make me cringe.  I think that even though I have little experience with daycare, this somehow reminded me of it and a little of why I am so anti it.

6. Still looking into PT jobs, but I think I want a PT-PT job, one that is like only 4 hours a week.  Know of any of these?

7. I was given a compliment the other day that made me think wow I must just be this person on my blog and then totally different in public.  Makes me wonder if that is a good or bad thing.  Because blogging about it still means I am acting out about it right?  Maybe I need to think twice about stating my opinions.

8. Did I tell you I have a newly born nephew.  He was born at the end of December on the 30th, which made him 2.5 weeks early.  Probably having a baby that early and healthy makes the women who go 2 weeks past their due date crazy.

9. Does anyone else crave milk products when they are having a meatless day?

10. Lastly, I am super appreciative of my husband. He is awesome and has been a great help at getting me through the days by letting me get an extra hour's rest every weekday morning while he takes Ben around as he gets ready in the morning for work.  Thanks love if you read this :)

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