Friday, November 13, 2009

7 quick takes before I go insane

The insanity part is due to my work situation, but I am going to try to make the best of it. Pray that it gets better and that my advisor is less condescending in his accusations towards me.

1. We moved into the basement of our house. Right now we have a working kitchen, 1.5 baths and a basement to live in. All which are on separate levels, thus it is like living in a very skinny house with everything stacked on top of each other. I feel like I should be in London or New York with the narrowness of my current living space.

2. We have been dewallpapering for the past week, and its a tiring job. I am so thankful for my friend Megan for all her wonderous help. I need to start making her more food to return the favor. Also, this dewallpapering has made my dislike for wallpaper become immensely larger, and my liking of paint become immensely larger as well. Now I just have to pick good colors. I'm a fan of warm colors. What are your favorites?

3. I am enjoying the shorter commute, in 15-20 minutes, if I time it right, I can be at school. It used to be over an hour to get there. Some folks would say I am a crazy kid for the way that I use the public transit stop that is not so good, but I figure if there are more normalish people like me and less shady people going thru there then it will become a less shady area.

4. We had a retreat this past weekend with the Lifeteen teenagers, and it was a lovely one. The best retreat group I have had by far. Everyone wanted to be there and everyone contributed, no one was a grump at all. And as usual I got to laugh a ton at my husband's silly antics. And also be asked a million times if I laughed as much as he did. My response was that usually I have to ask him why he is laughing because it mostly involves some crazy news item or blog he read on the internet, and I am out of the loop till then. Or its, and in that case it is pretty hilarious, but then its extra hilarious to guys I think. Anyway, I felt like I missed out on parts of it, but really I needed to get the sleep and if I didn't get the sleep I would have not been functioning at all during the weekend or after it.

5. Lately, the laziness of people and the apathy they have are really annoying me. Granted I know people have their own lives, but TV does not take precedence over helping out where needed. At least this is true in my lifestyle, but then again, I live with out a TV, so maybe I am biased.

6. I think this weekend, since we are officially living in the city, we will need to check out the local Catholic churches, and I mean churches as is more than one. Within about 5 miles are like 10 churches to choose from, kinda crazy sometimes to think, since I grew up in an area where there were only 2 within a 25 mile radius.

7. So I know most people would yell at me with this, but I am super excited to paint. I got the non toxin emitting paint, which helps me, the pregnant lady out to paint. I am thankful also for Anne coming to help me out in advance tomorrow morning with the painting job. I am just so giddy to paint, seriously its that much fun to me.

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