Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TV and me

So lately I've been hating myself for using TV as the means for me to distract the 2yo while I get the baby down for the morning nap.  I'm angry at myself because I don't think I should have to use it, but for some reason thats the only thing I have found that will give me the 15-20 minutes I need to put the baby down.  It's annoying, but then I realize I'm using it as a tool, in a way that helps me.  I'm not neglecting my child all day and sticking him in front of a TV for hours on end.  Instead he gets to watch a 24 minute program on Netflix without commercials!  It makes him smile, I get to put the baby down, and then Ben and I get one-on-one time afterward.

So why have I tried to buck the system.  I think its because I don't want to rely on something that society says bad, bad TV to. I have friends who have children who somehow give them ample time to take care of a baby and so are able to get away from using TV and so I'm jealous and try to coax myself to think my kid is like that too.  Hah!  My kid is high energy on the go all the time.  He doesn't sit still except when on the potty or watching TV. So, I want to think I'm above the use of TV as a distraction, but guess what?  I'm not.

And you know what happens when I don't use it?  Life is miserable, because the 2yo is extra whiny and the baby doesn't sleep all morning and thus wants to be held constantly.  So, basically I'm writing this to own up to my TV watching 2yo so mama gets some peace.  He needs it, I need it, the baby needs it and that's the end of the story.

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