Saturday, August 9, 2014

I hope we can agree

Every so often I have this nightmare that my family is being persecuted and my first thought is that we are going to be found out in our hiding because of the children. My children would never understand the need to be completely silent or not have their ever needmet ad they've come to expect. Every time I wake up in a panic. I always am so thankful that this is not my life and that God has spared me.

But then this whole Iraq thing has happened and it seems unfathomable. Large groups of families are being persecuted to death because they are something that I am. My fear is realized in other part of the world and my heart breaks.

Because while no person should every be killed or persecuted at all due to their faith, a special heart string breaks for the families that are in this situation today. I now get the vulnerability that comes with children of being a mother/parent, knowing that you would do anything for your child, but someone has decided that you aren't worth it, that by being something they are not you are inherently evil to them.

The children are so innocent and the babies, don't even get me started, they don't understand anything but love. To think someone would think their lives aren't worth it and behead them. I just can't even. So I'm shying away from the social media today and just praying for this all, that we on the outside can step in and free the persecuted, that there can be heroes from within who stand up to the evil.

And I know my perspective might be silly and an understatement, but I think we can all at least agree that children no matter whose they are should never be beheaded.

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